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I'm trying to build a movie/music server using FreeNAS and a RAID 5 setup of 3 2TB drives. The problem that I'm having is setting up the drives in the correct configuration.

The BIOSTAR TA790GXE MB supports RAID 5 but it no instructions with on how to set it up. So I Googled until I found that setup the South Bridge to RAID and I started the RAID configuration tool. But it only sees 2 of the hard drives where the BIOS sees all three. Whenever I list the drives found it only shows the ones labeled 1 and 3. When only 2 drives I can't setup RAID 5 and I'm at a loss to figure out what to do next. Does anyone have ideas as to what I should look at?
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    is the drive on port 2 functional? if you swap around ports does it show up and another one disappear? try swapping cables as well.

    btw RAID5 on a desktop board/controller is going to go very badly as there is quite an overhead for RAID5 using an integrated controller. There are some computations which will need to be done by the CPU as apposed to a dedicated controller which handles this by itself. So just be prepared for a notable drop in performance once you get it setup.
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  3. Yep, that was the problem. At least two of the 6 sata ports wouldn't show up in the RAID formatting tool but finally it worked correctly.

    Thanks for the help.
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