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So I'm a little confused about temp readings. I decided to raise my multiplier to 18 for a 3.6ghz. I started watching my temps in AOD which are the core temps I believe and they were around 59c while gaming some times 60-61c at idle the vary from 40c to 45c. So I dropped the multiplier back down to 16 and the temps are roughly the same which seems kind of high. So I pulled up asus pc probe II and te CPU temp reads 33. Now my question is, is the core temp max 62c or the CPU temp? And which can I trust more for an accurate reading. I have an antec 1200 case so I have excellent airflow. In using the stock hsf so I know its not the best but like I said the temps are about the same oc v not. Now if pc probe temps are more true then I know I'm well under the max op temp but if aod is then in pushing it even with stock settings. Can someone please give me a quick lesson lol it will be much appriciated. Thanks
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  1. Use CPU temp

    If probe agrees with your temp in the bios, use it.

    Max. temp is 62c, but most ppl will say not to let it get up much over 55c.
  2. HWMonitor will give you CPU & core temps. If your core voltage is set to auto you can most likely lower it which will lower the temps.
  3. Forgot to say run prime 95 to check your maximum temps.
  4. I was looking through my bios last night and noticed my CPU voltage was on auto and running around 1.47v I manually set it to 1.350 and ran the aod stability test and temps stayed at 55c so that's an improvement. Still concerned about the idle temps running between 40-45c seems like it should be lower. When I look at the hardware monitor in the bios it says ~33c. Once I'm in windows I pull up cpuz hwmonitor and in back at ~42c at idle.
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