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I had a question about liquid cooling for you guys. I am looking and doing a full liquid cooling system which is going to run about $900.00 and I was curious if I keep all my fans running normal even though I have the liquid cooling to everything. Currently I have a I7 965 Extreme edition, with crossfire 5770s, 6 gigs of tri channel pc12800 ram, Tempest NZXT mid tower case, and a EVGA x58LE motherboard. Thanks for your help

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  1. Yes what is the question?
  2. Do I keep my fans on and running, or take them out, on my case with full liquid cooling system
  3. You need fans on the radiators. If they are part of the case, then thats usually enough airflow for other parts, like hard drives, Mobo chips etc.

    Methinks you need to post your supposed full WC solution with a parts list, pics of your case and lots more info. But it's your stuff. Best of luck..........
  4. i have the cool fan 8 still going in my case still. but only have CPU, chip set, memory, very soon video card.

    to see if the fans will help stop all the fans see what the temps are compared to with fans going.

    i would think there is still gonna be a small amount of heat transfered from the tubing to the air. having the exhaust and intake fans prob wouldnt hurt anything.
  5. You are going to need fans; your motherboard, RAM, etc will still be making substantial amounts of heat even if your CPU and GPU are watercooled. There are other parts and components generating heat; if it has solder, traces and components then electrical resistance is present...meaning heat is present. Please do a significant amount of research on watercooling to understand the concepts you are forgetting to address.
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