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Hello all! I have finally decided to try getting real help with my laptop burner, so here I am...and here's the problem: I got an Asus F3Ka notebook about 5 years ago. Within 2 weeks of getting it, DVDs started stuttering during playback, and burning took about 3 times longer. It came with XP, and I wanted to put Vista on, so I formatted, installed Vista, and the problem went away....for about 2 weeks. I read online that there was a bad windows update that was knocking a lot of drives out. Format, install vista, problem gone...about a week later the problem was back. Emailed Asus tech, and after a few weeks of them "checking with their windows compatibility experts" they assured me that it was not software, but definitely hardware, and I should send the notebook in so they could investigate. I was using the notebook at work, and didn't have time for that, so I formatted again, and the problem went away again. I emailed them again, and asked if it wasn't software, why did a format fix the problem. Never heard from them again.

Now I'm using this notebook for mostly gaming, and the occasional DVD. Any game I want to install, I have to turn into an ISO on my desktop and transfer with a thumb. One game with 4 CDs, that took about 10 minutes per CD on the desktop, said it would take over 7 hours for the first CD alone...I stopped it after 3 hours. Yes I realize I should just put a bullet in it, but aside from the drive it's still working fine.

Tonight, trying to watch a movie and I can't take it anymore! Movie plays for about 2 minutes, then stutters while it buffers for about 45 seconds. Jumped online, and all the answers I found said to check device manager for DMA status. The drive is showing up as Ultra DMA 2. Aside from formatting once a month, or switching completely to a linux distro (also had no drive problems) can anyone figure out a way to fix this? Oh, before you say replace the drive...I've tried 3 different external dvd readers and writers, and they all had the same problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Your first mistake was not sending the laptop in for a warranty repair. Sounded like the manufacturer was willing to fix it. and thats about it. buy a new laptop.
  2. There must be some 3rd party software (other than windows) which is causing performance problems.. Imgburn gives a warning when daemon tools is installed stating 'STPD can have detrimental effects on your drives performance'.. Do you have any software installed like that.? If so then try fully uninstalling that particular software and try out again.. Use revo uninstaller to perform the complete uninstall.. After uninstalling use ccleaner to wipe out any left over registry traces..
  3. If using revo uninstaller, use a moderate uninstall, and it will give you the option to remove registry traces at the same time.

    Ccleaner is a very good tool to run after, to make sure there are no leftover issues.
  4. The fixit scan found nothing out of the ordinary. Was thinking about the next posts, about other software causing problems. My system recovery disc installs vista, then the drivers, then 5 or 6 Asus "fun" utilities...one of which doesn't appear to do anything except make itself a flashy menu system to open things like windows media player, movie maker, and the picture viewer that ship with windows. I wonder if one of these asus utilities isn't causing a conflict somewhere....Hmmmmm....time to start digging. Thanks again!
  5. If you can afford to, then its highly recommended that you move on to windows 7.. Anyway, i am interested to know how you do a complete format.. Do you just format the 'C' drive or you do a full hard drive format.. If you are using the first method then my recommendation is to try out the second technique.. Do not install any board utilities except the critical ones such as chipset drivers and try out for a week or two..
  6. Try a diagnostic utility like Opti Drive Control.
    Insert a data disc (not a copy protected DVD Video) and run the transfer rate test.
    You should get a nice smooth graph and the CPU usage should be low (<10%).
    If you're getting read errors during the test then the drive's laser is probably dying.
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