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Hello, I am trying to restore my Acer Aspire computer. However, when I inserted the recovery CD and rebooted, the computer booted from the CD but displayed an error once it started running on the blue Acer Recovery screen: AR.txt Can't Open! When I try to restart my computer, it is not restarting anymore, giving me the blue screen and saying that "the script file specified with the /u command line switch could not be accessed. Unattended operation cannot continue. Setup cannot continue. Press ENTER to exit.
Is my recovery CD simply messed up? How can I normally boot up my computer again? I had Windows XP on the computer before I decided to restore the system, because it was running too slowly after I've done multiple virus checks.
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    if u could test the hdd on another computer that'd be ideal and you could get a backup. you need to atleast run a chkdsk /r on it otherwise u may need to format and try the recovery again which you may have to do if running checkdisk on the drive doesn't fix it. its quite possible the slow down was your hdd dying a slow death, but you need to verify its integrity - chkdsk /r or something like Seatools from Seagate - which can perform similar duties. Burn that ISO and run it like the OSRecovery CD
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