I7 930 @ 3.8, Prime95 62c is this ok?

Does this sound about right for an OC load temp on a i7 930 on Prime95? it basically settles at this temp after about two hours, no errors.

BLCK 181, Mult 21, vcore 1.22, DRAM 1453 @ 1.64

I'd like to hit 4.0 and it seems that there is head room enough?
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    62 C is an acceptable temp under load. My personal threshold is 70 C. I wouldn't go higher than 75 C.

    Vcore is low enough that you have plenty of room there also.

    I suspect that you are going to run out of temps before you run out of volts. :)
  2. Well, I have hit 4.0 at 69C....hehehe,,,think I will try and push 4 more BLCK and hit 4.1.... But still as I am only at 1.28 vcore what you said is true.
  3. Very nice OC and temps. Just to be safe, is that the reported Core Temp(s) or CPU Temp?
  4. well, it is PC Probe from the ASUS utility disk, so I am hoping that it taps into the board, or perhaps the bios for the temps. I mean its their board, their BIOS and their utulity which is about as closely blended as one can get.

    As to the push to 4.1 the first attemps required to much vcore, but I have some different ideas for another try down the road a bit.
  5. Check it with Coretemp or Realtemp, you want Core temps not CPU temp.
  6. okay, coretemp reported about the same....a couple of cores 5C higher, one core about the same, and one core actually lower....
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