BIOs recognizes new HD, but does not appear in Vista

Hello, i recently bought a new WD 500GB hard drive and I plugged it into my motherboard with a SATA cable into the SATA3 slot. But then when I turn on my computer, and click on "Computer," the new hard drive does not appear and only my older one, an 80GB one, appears. SO then I started to get confused on why it doesnt show up and I ended up wonering if my computer even recognizes it. I restarted my computer, entered BIOS, and my new 500GB hard drive DOES appear, but only in BIOS. Strange isnt it? Any good ways to fix this up? Thanks.

Comp specs:

OS: Vista Ultimate
CPU: AMD Athlon64 x2 4600
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  1. That is because all your drive is RAW. You have to format them into NTFS to make them show. Use a good Partition Manager software and format them.
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    Or just use Disk Management. It does the same thing and does not require installing an extra program you might use after the first use.

    Here's a video where a guy that sounds like Dr. Chase(Jesse Spencer) from House M.D. walks you through the process.

    He explains it better than I can type it.
  3. Right Click on My Computer, click Manage, click Disk Management. on the right you should see both ur hdds, right click on the new one in the bottom pane.
  4. thank you, all your responses helped me.

    the video really guided me through, so thanks again
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