Is it OK to switch clock speeds often?

Is there a downside to switching clock speeds right before starting a game? Say I have 2 tested stable profiles in MSI Afterburner, and one uses 20% more juice idle than the other. Is there a downside to me chilling in stock (profile 1) until I want to play a game then swapping to profile 2? No overvoltaging, just the clock is changing. Watching the Afterburner monitor it looks like the clocks constantly swap from 400 to 725 on my Asus 5850 DirectCU. Also the memory clocks are constantly switching. I'm guessing that's idle to load, but my minimum power draw changes from 125 watts to 150ish between the idle of one and the other.

Edit: Examined my graphs more closely, and when I OC either the core or the memory, it no longer idles at 137/300, it idles at more like 400/1150 for some reason. Donno why.
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    Its ok to do that, It will not damage anything, That is why they make the profiles, So you can load a profile for games and save energy when idle.

    As long as you do not over volt or over heat. you will be fine.
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