Deleting User Account to Fix Scareware Problem

My computer is set up with three accounts (SysAdmin, and two ordinary users). The operating system is Windows XP. One of the user accounts recently acquired some kind of malware/scareware bug ("HDD Control") that takes over with constant fake warnings of my system being infected and makes normal use of my computer very difficult and sometimes impossible. Several scans with my virus protection software have failed to get rid of this problem. The SysAdmin account and the second user account function just fine showing no sign of this bug at all.

Could I clean up my computer by simply deleting the user account that has the problem? My theory is that deleting the affected user account would be an easy and effective way to get rid of this particular nuisance. But is that true? Would deleting the bad user account mean that all files associated with that user are also deleted so that my computer could then be considered clean? Thanks for any guidance you can offer.
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  1. If the files were only in the user account, then deleting would clean things up. You also need to turn off restore points as many viruses and spyware end up in those files.

    You often can't get all issues out with a single anti-virus, they all can find different ones, some more than others, but none will get everything. Install MalwareBytes, restart the PC in SafeMode, and run a full scan using that. You can also make a Avira Antivir rescue boot CD and boot off that and do a scan.
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