Ok Guys,

This one requires experts of all levels cause I've been puzzled at all the hype I've been reading bout getting stable settings at all levels. First of I will list my setup:

Asus P6t deluxe v2 (obviously) (previous bios 1003) now rec'd a RMA board with bios 0610
i7 920 @ 2.66 DO (watercooled) 2nd one (1st 920 RMA'd)
2 Intel X-25 80gigs SSD (raid0)
2 WD 640gigs (raid0)
WD Element 1.5T External HD
Corsair Dominator 12gigs TR3X6G1600C8D
Sapphire 5870HD (watercooled)
Corsair HX850 psu
3 Samsung T240HD (Eyefinity)

Now with the simple stuff out of the way......Here is why I'm here. I've been trying different overclocking setting but have not been able to be stable beyond 3.8ghz. Keep in mind I have tried everything from hard setting settings in the bios and leaving everything on auto. So lets hear what all the experts have to say on this matter. I'd like to get any ideas as to what settings I can try. Thanks in advance for your ideas and opinions. Hopefully this can help others as will as myself. :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. You're not going to get there on auto. Why did you RMA the chip and motherboard?

    List all settings that gave you stability at 3.8GHz.
  2. 3.8ghz
    AI Tweaker: Manual/XMP
    CPU ratio: Auto
    Intel Speed/Turbo: both profile Disabled
    Bclk: 190
    PCI: 100
    Dram Freq:1523/1603
    Uclk: 3046/3207
    QPI: Auto

    CPU Voltage: 1.35
    CPU PLL: 1.8
    QPI/Dram core: 1.35
    Dram bus Voltage: 1.66
    all others: auto
    Timings: 8-8-8-24 2T

    Both profile been stable ran P95 no problems. Left all the same just changed Bclk to 200 and of course Dram freq n Uclk and got hardware failure first test number 7(worker 6) on P95. Googled it and came up with memory failure. Ran memtest86 after 8hrs and 8 passes no errors. So changed the Cpu ration to 21, read that 20 ratio is unstable and 21 is the sweet spot and bclk back to 190 and changed CPU vcore to 1.42 and QPI/Dram to 1.375 and tried 1.42 ran P95 after 1hr and again this time worker 7 number 5 this time hardware failure same thing memory ran memtest86 again and still no errors. This time was a little different because after testing a couple of settings now windows and bios only sees 8 gigs as to 12 gigs. So I checked all my sticks in each channel including 1 stick at a time in each channel and found dead C1 and C2 dimms but fortunately all my sticks are ok and that is why I had to RMA the board and after talking to Asus tech, advised me that it is the cpu because memory is controlled by cpu. So to be safe I just RMA's both. So now got my RMA board and Cpu and want to avoid the same thing happening. Behaviors in each setup always are never the same 1 might work for you and 1 might not but wanted to get anyone who has tried or have gone to 4+ ghz and what setting(s) hopefully with screenshots to help novices and hobbyist alike to obtain a certain OC. So if you guys have any OC whether it be 3, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.8 or bragging rights @ 4+ ghz and stable share it with the community. You'll be proud that your setting(s) are being used and stable for someone else.
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