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I am running windows Vista home premium SP1 using 2 identical monitors. The image on my secondary monitor alternates between a black screen, and normal screen every couple of seconds. It seems to happen most frequently after the computer resumes after going into screen saver mode, although I have had this happen on boot up. Usually I can correct the problem by 1) turning off and on the secondary monitor. Sometimes I have to reboot to correct the problem. I have tried swapping monitor 1 and 2. The problem stays with what the computer calls monitor 2 (eg. the physical monitors are not the problem) It seems to be a windows, or driver problem but not sure. Any help would be appreciated

My configuration:
>Windows Vista Premium SP1
>NVidia GeForce 9500 GT
>Both monitors are emachines LE1987 19" HD monitor LCD both connected using DVI cables (Both cables are DVI, and not a VGA cable with a DVI adapter)
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Happens to me once in a while too.
    Try Powerstrip or other dual monitor software.
  2. Glad I found someone with a similar issue, starting a few days ago my main monitor started to blink out( go black ) any time there was 3d animation or video being played, either while on it or the secondary monitor.
    Im also running a 9500gt

    The main monitor uses the DVI connection and is a hp compaq w1907 running at 1440x900 60hz the secondary uses the vga and runs at 1280x1024 and does not have the blink out problem. I have updated the nvidia drivers directx drivers and even tried new video programs but to no avail, if I attempt to adjust the graphics settings in the nvidia control pannel the spinning 3d logo will cause the blink out, I dont remember installing any new software in the last few months, and this is the first time this has happened in the last 9 months of use, any ideas?
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