What's the better method to apply the thermal compound?

I had applied the thermal compound following the Artic silver 5 manual , it's recommended to apply a thin line right to left. But after a month all my components are working at low temp but not my cpu. I have followed the instruction and it doest seem to work for me. ihad to buy a new case to imporve the ventilation and after that all my components temps gone down but my cpu doesnt

I have i7 920 at stock speed, it has reached 75 degrees celcius while playing gta Iv

What should i use to remove the old thermal paste over the cpu and the heatsink

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  1. I use isopropyl alcohol and an old lint free T-shirt, simply because I do not drink coffee and therefore do not have any coffee filters around.
  2. i use 90% alcohol and q-tips
  3. thank you for your recommendations
  4. I used 92 % Isopropyl Alcohol and tried the Q-tip - but whatever Dell used to seat their heatsink was more like bubble gum. I peeled it off - and then had to buff the remaining residue off the aluminum heatsink with an old T-shirt dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol.

    It came off the CPU pretty easy though.
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