I need help! (Video Player or Editing) Sorry if wrong forum but I need

I need a response tonight and I figured it would take longer on related forums.

Im really sorry to bother but here is the sintuation.

I am a Computer Tech, and I don't much knowledge on Videos editing field.
Therefore I do know the basic. I got a costumer which could not open this acm codec video. Needed by tomorrow!
I did find a way to open, and he asked me to make the video larger. So I luckly found a converter to the codec , that actually accepted the file to be imported and converted into a DVD.

Great, paid me, good job ,etc.

But then he asked me a hudge favor , that is to Zoom In a particular part of the video, to see the persons face.
*Its a vigilant camera detective typey*

So, I tho to myself, if I give this guy my software , he wont need me again in the future, and he mentioned having alot future jobs similar.

Here is the deal, I dont want to give out the software I have to open the file, which kind allows him to zoom in a little (almost as much as zoomin in with a DVD remote) , so I figured there would be a player out there, maybe, or even a software, that allows you to Zoom that particular selected spot.

Please if anybody knows something that would help me. It 's for tomorrow morning, I will stay up until late.

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  1. Can you zoom in, freeze the frame and perhaps do a screenshot? Once you do that, cut out anything containing the name of the software. If the camera is high res, it may allow you to do what you are wanting by just saving the picture as say a jpeg or similar format.
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