9800GTX+ Issues

I am having an issue with a brand new eVGA 9800GTX+ card I just received today. When I install the card and use an nvidia driver (I have tried 3, 182.08, 181.22, 178.24) the computer will reboot after the driver install and then hangs after the windows vista 64bit loading bar where the splash screen would normally come up. Just a terrible depressing black screen of sadness. The computer boots just fine into safe mode and when using the default windows VGA driver. If I throw my old xfx 7800gt in it works just fine. It just outright refuses to boot with an nvidia driver installed.

I have even gone so far as to reformat hoping it was some sort of software conflict with the driver. I am now hopelessly stumped. Anyone have any ideas I may have missed short of RMAing the sucker?

Basic Computer Specs:
Windows Vista 64bit SP1
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
4gb Ram
Biostar TP45HP mainboard
550 watt psu

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  1. Stupid question first: Are you using a vista-64bit driver?


    Other than that I would check on a possible bios update.
  2. Having worked tech support I will answer you first stupid question. Yes I am using 64 bit drivers. :D

    I'll look around for bios updates and give that a try.
  3. That ended up being the issue. Flashing the bios fixed it. Thanks much.
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