CD Rom Boot Priority No Medium????

A friend of mine got home yesterday, tried to turn on his comp and he got a start up error that said CD Rom Boot Priority No Medium. I went into the bios to change boot priority to his hdd, no hdd. Thinking that maybe one of his cables had come loose i checked both power and sata, both were still connected so i reinserted them both, started back up to have the same problem. I then switched his sata cable with the dvd drive sata cable plugged a different power cable into the hdd, which yielded the same result. im stumped.... fried hard drive? he has a gateway fx6800 and i think the hdd is a seagate 500gb.. any suggestions are appreciated thanx
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  1. yep, doesn't sound good. it's saying "No Medium" tryin to boot from CD coz it can't find that HDD it used to boot up off. u'll need to remove it and hook it up to ur computer and see if ur computer sees it, probably won't though. if it smells fried/acrid it may well be burnt out.
  2. Does the bios see the drive? If the bios doesn't see the harddrive and the cables are in tight, then its shot.
  3. no the bios doesnt see any hdd... okey well i guess ill have to unhook my comp and take it apart :(
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