CPU has been burned out?

Hi everyone,
Ok, so a few days ago i helped my friend install a new processor, and she gave me her old intel q6660. I (like and idiot) decided to attempt to install it into an older motherboard to see if it would work. Naturally, the computer would not post, so i switched the processor back to my old P4. I didn't initially see any damage to either the CPU or the computer, but i have now realized that one of the memory modules and memory sticks was burned out, and the computer is now no longer booting into windows (not booting from the main hard drive yet recognizing the hard drives). I am in the process of buying new components to support the new CPU and was wondering wether or not you think that the CPU is damaged and i should get a new one. I have no way to test the CPU and am unsure wether to go ahead and try to use the CPU, or just get a new one. What do you think, would the CPU be damaged (by the way, there was no other damge to the system with the exception of one memory slot/card and possibly a hard drive)?
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  1. you need to leave some specs
  2. Give it to me and I'll tell you if it was good or not after I'm using it.
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