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I use windows server 2003, and SP2. I use several 1.5B disks, and 2TB disk. But the Windows Explorer show toal size of he disk is correct. Say if 2TB, it's total size: 1.81TB, but free space is only 0.99TB available. Th same thing for 1.5TB disk, the free space is only 0.99TB. I'v tried more partions on the same disk, but still the total free space is always 0.99TB (if add free space together of all partions of the disk). If I use chkdsk, I see the 2TB dik:
1953383423 KB total disk space.
307200 KB in 2 files.
4 KB in 9 indexes.
879759100 KB in bad sectors.
125603 KB in use by the system.
65536 KB occupied by the log file.
1073191516 KB available on disk.

4096 bytes in each allocation unit.
488345855 total allocation units on disk.
268297879 allocation units available on disk.

The Disk Manager shows the disk 1826.89GB, Healthy. Nothing is wrong, but why the Windows Explorer shows only 0.99TB available? The Windows Server 2003 n SP2 should be able to handle 2TB (if MBR). Oh, I even tried convert to GPT, but still no luck. I guess it might be BIOS issue? Not the OS? Anyway I appreaciate if anyone has some info about it.
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  2. sees HDD size as 1024 but manufacturers see it as 1000.
  3. It looks to me like your problem is:

    879759100 KB in bad sectors.

    That's 879GBytes (almost half the disk) that's bad and unusable. That's an awfully high number - have you checked the SMART counters for that drive?
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