4870 1 gb vs 4870 512mb worth 20$ extra on newegg?

which card yall think is a better deal, im thinking of saving 20bucks and going with the 512 because of the reviews ive read




its 179 for the 1gb and 154 for the 512mb

not sure which mfg is better, im new to looking at ATI cards but after my 8800gts went dead in 2 months, ill never buy nvidia again, thanks bump fill guys =/
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  1. Depends on your monitor size / what resolution you run at.
  2. Well in many cases the Dark Knight 4870 will be faster. Still games like GRID already show a benefit from the extra RAM and future games are likely to continue hogging up more and more vRAM. I would spend the extra money to get the 1GB version, but that 512 is still a good choice so it's up to you.
  3. No, not unless you are playing Crysis which can get up to a 37% boost in performance (based on 1920 x 1200 and Anti-Aliasing X8)

    From BeHardware:

    Other benchmarks from Xbitlabs:
  4. It's worth if you are playing at 1920x1080 and higher resolutions with maxed setting.
    I think newer games will definitely load more high res textures, so it will require the more VRAM.
  5. I seen (from personal experience) a textured modded Oblivion easily fill up my 8800 GTX's 768 MB of VRAM at 1680x1050 with all eye candy on. $20 isn't much for a little insurance with newer more texture intensive games - and possible larger monitor purchases.
  6. Moreover, the 1GB version is better suited for Crossfire so if you upgrade to a XFire system in the next 1-1.5 year, adding a 2nd one would be an option.
  7. wow, ok :) ill get the 1 gb version, most the reviews ive seen said it wasnt actually any faster. i have a 19inch widescreen samsung lcd, its like 1444x900 or something res, so ive never been able to play anything at max settings before
  8. for 20$, I would be completly surprised if people didn't suggest it. Even with a smaller monitor resolution, you can still expect games that are heavy on AA/textures to kill the card.

    Crysis still gives a good beating on cards @ 1280x1024. Same with stalker Clear sky.

    And be sure of it that games will become much more demanding (also GTA 4 with the textures).
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