Koolance RP-1000BK


Because of a lack of space I am limited in what type of Watercooling I can have. Is any one currently using Koolance RP-1000BK or what do peopel think about it. I am just looking to cool my CPU.

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  1. I have one that helps cools 3 8800gtx's and CPU just fine.
  2. Thanks Baddad

    I noticed you have a TT PSU have you had any problems with it? I am thinking about sending my corsair back for a TT 850 PSU because the TT is modular and has more power for bascially the same price.

  3. It says the pump flow rate is listed @2.1gal/min or 126gal/hr. $225

    In comparison, the MCP655 is rated at ~5.3gal/min or 317gal/hr. $89.95
  4. ya i am trying to think of ways to fit all of this in my rig just space is so tight
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