Q9550 &Stock Cooler Idle temp seems high Help?

In the bios, when i installed it was 45C in the bios.
After Updating the Bios to the latest its now 50C in the bios.

EVGA 790i Mobo with only the stock CPU cooler and its like 50C at idle, its warm up here in Queensland, but still.. (Temps 20C-28C Max Indoors)
(note:temps with open case)

I have tried reseating the cooler with no difference..

(although the board can OC its not set to at the moment.)
Nor would I with only a stock cooler.

Any Ideas?

Can someone suggest a great CPU cooler that will fit this board
(due to the cooling pipes surrounding the cpu some won"t fit at all)

I have M9 ThermalTake Case, although those temps are with the case sides off too, I will be installing 3x120mm fans later as well.
ATM it only has 2 x 120mm fans.
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  1. Ok so i read that it seems fairly normal
    although the Intel book says don't let it get above 38C what a laugh, In other word don't use a Q9550 Stock cooler with a Q9500 i guess.
    75C is hot for these so i read.. Some smoke at less wtf?
  2. anyway what is the best air cooler that fits a 790i EVGA Motherboard / Q9550??
    Please Advise
    Cost no option, just want the best air cooler I can get for OCing later
  3. Just tweaked the Bios, now its OC @ 3.0Ghz and at 43C.. WTF?

    Lower than Ever?
    Guess the extra volts also went to the fans.. lol
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  5. Thanks.. MontyUK

    I was after the Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer Heatsink, but I read somewhere on a online forum that a guy had troubles fitting it to a EVGA - 790i Ultra SLI Mobo due to the cooling pipes built-in. :o

    Can anyone else confirm this? :??:

    Is my best bet a ThermalRight 120 Ultra due to its raised design? With two of the Highest CFM rated Fans? :love:
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