MB FOXCONN M61PMV AM2 GF6100 RT windows xp

M61PMV M/B will not boot WinXP or Win7. Post test say "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK"
It may or may not boot to the OS after putting in the install disk.
I have installed the latest BIOS and use the correct drivers for both OS,s.

WD 80 GB EIDE and HP DVD RAM multi player SATA, 4GB 800Hz dimm for 64bit Win7
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  1. is your bios set to IDE mode? (if you have it on AHCI that might be causing problems)
  2. My bios does not have this configuration feature. (all controls are set to Auto or Default) in other words the SATA mode is set to IDE. i am stumped, help
  3. which OS disk are you putting in? Have you completed a repair reinstall either windows?
  4. I went back to XP Pro and yes i did a repair reinstall to no avail.
  5. Well if repair re-install didn't fix it you might have a virus or something that is actively corrupting your boot components.

    Have you used some anti-virus/anti-spyware program to scan for threats recently?
  6. The board is new, it is all new, so there is no room for a virus on a fresh install.

    and yes, AVG.
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