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I have 2 SATA drives in my PC. Drive 1 has XP and Drive 2 has Vista. I used to get a menu asking which OS I wanted to boot to but I no longer have it. I had to reformat and reinstall my XP drive. I figured I could still get to my Vista drive but that is no longer the case. It shows up in My Computer but shows no size information - almost like it was reformatted. However, when I use an eval version of EASEUS I can see and recover most (if not all) of the drive. Basically, my questions is: How do I make this drive bootable or viewable again? All my music and photos are on it and I need them.
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  1. More Information:

    I just went into My Computer -> Computer Management and the drive shows up as follows:

    128.00 GB Healthy (Active)
    468.17 GB Unallocated

    When I click on the Healthy part and click properties I am told that the drive is not formatted.

    At no time did I reformat this drive.
  2. if the recovery program can recover your data, just do that first and then work on getting it bootable. once u got ur data, making a mistake will be less hazardous. also just because the program can see it, doesn't mean it will work once it extracts it out. it does sound like ur vista drive got a format during ur reinstall.
  3. The recovery program will recover 1 GB of data for free.

    Its $70 for the full version. I would gladly cough up the $70 but the 1 GB I restored only had some good photos. Most were unreadable. I'd hate to pay the dough for nothing.....

    So I thought if I could get the drive bootable again then I would not need to spend the money.

    However, it does sound like the drive was somehow formatted. /sigh
  4. yeah, you might find that 1G was a bad sample and you might actually get a better "return" on recovered files over the lot. but yeah, there's no guarantee. :(
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