How do I overclock a AMD Athlon II X3?

I have a AMD Athlon II X3 440 and want to overclock it. Its stock speed is 3ghz would it get to hot at 4ghz each core? how do i overclock the cpu, im not too techy. And last will the cpu be stable, a simple walk thru would be nice. :)
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  1. no such thing as a simple walk-through I'm afraid,
    post your mobo model it will help us a lot :)

    every chip will clock differently even if they're the 'same' model,
    firstly, why do you want to overclock the chip? just to say you have? in that case get amd overdrive and run that, it will automatically set things up for you, well,ish its very conservative and sometimes glitches
    I dont recommend using software but if you just want props, it will be your fastest safer option,
    secondly you might have an option in your bios like Ez overclocking from AsRock, this is a bit of a halfway step between 'simple' software clocking and 'proper' clocking and its what I use personally with no problems other than a ram timing tweak,
    thirdly, read up on the threads here for guides how to 'properly' learn clocking, it will take time,patience,tears and frustration but you will be the wiser man for doing it.
    for a 4GHz clock you will want an aftermarket cooler, stock unit just wont cope and stability is something you figure yourself I'm afraid, increase things in tiny steps, test,check,stress test, then move it up another notch,rinse and repeat, there is no fixed 'stable' setting other than what the manf releases to the market, I.e. stock, its sold as that because its stable and safe at that, any tweaking is on your head.
    sorry to seem harsh, but its like everything else, you have devote time and effort to it, theres no 'instant' knowledge.
  2. Okay thanks for the help. :) I don't think I'll overclock then because the cpu is already a good one, and you make it sound very hard and somewhat expensive. :(
  3. Its not expensive to do unless you are going to overclock it a lot, which will raise the temperature a lot which means you will want to buy a new heatsinkfan to keep the temperature of your cpu down.

    I recently bought the same cpu and managed to unlock the fourth core and then overclock it, but I invested in a ~40$ heatsinkfan to keep my temperatures down. The most recommended one appears to be the Hyper 212+

    Because it was my first time overclocking, I did some research and found this guide to overclocking to be the most beneficial:

    Since the x3 440 does not have an unlocked multiplier, as the guide explains, you will have to experiment to determine your maximum stable fsb, and then slowly increase everything, testing for stability every time, until you hit instability. The guide is for the Phenom II, but works just as well for the Athlon IIs. Also, to stress test your system, download and run the torture test on Prime 95, a free program that gets all your cores running at 100% usage, in order to test the maximum temperature and see if your system is running without any errors when overclocked. I used it and came up with errors, upped my core voltage and the errors went away, indicating my cpu wasn't getting enough voltage.

    Now, none of this will be possible if your motherboard does not support overclocking and so it would be a good idea to post your motherboard's model name/number. You can also see if the motherboard supports core unlocking, in which case you could see if you could unlock the fourth core. (I could, but not everyone can, its the luck of the draw) This will increase your performance when it comes to multitasking and using programs that can use more than 1-2 cores. It will also boost the heat output by your cpu. If you can unlock it however, you won't be able to overclock it as high. I unlocked and reached 3.5ghz with a Thermaltake Contac 29 heatsinkfan, and max temperatures of about 55 Celsius.

    If you have any more questions, it may be a good idea to post your system specs because every bit of information helps.

  4. Is it a black edition processor?? If so just see what the stock multiplier is set and and just bump the bus, ht and nb +1 every time until you cant load windows, then raise your v-core +1 and try restarting. Let me know if you need any other help. Do you have a stock heatsink?
  5. ^ Thats probably the worst OCing guide I've ever seen.
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