Overclock an amd phenom II x4 920

hi i want to make a overclock to my CPU, my motherboard is a asrock N68-s, the processor is a phenom x4 II 920 2.8 ghz, 4 gb ram and I would like to know how much I can raise the cpu clock without damaging,power 450 w
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  1. Might I suggest you try reading this guide, it should explain how to safely overclock your processor.
  2. Hello the overclocking AMD black thread will give you a good foundation to start with. I would suggest reading the thread, UNDERSTANDING the risks!!!!! (Especially if this is all new to you) Learn about your motherboard and OC features and ask from there... (that's what I did ) Just remember it's all about slowly bumping up and testing for stability,. Took me awhile :pt1cable:
  3. Just remember, since your cpu is NOT a black edition, you won't be able to do it via the multiplier so you won't be able to do everything that is stated in the BE overclock guide.
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