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Hey guys, this is just for future reference when i want to upgrade my ram,

i have a GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R motherboardwith 4 gigs of mushkin ram in it currently.

so my question is what is the best way to go about upgrading? should i just completly replace the existing ram or could i just add another stick of any type into the open slots?

after just browsing around newegg i came up with the top rated ram- would that and my current ram( ) work together?
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  1. Make your life easy and buy identical memory modules. Running 2 mismatched kits can be challenging, particularly when one kit is 2 x 2 GB and the other kit is 2 x 1 GB. Your RAM is as good as the G.Skill kit in your link, but not as goos as the PI Black
  2. so could i run the PI black in parrallel with the mushkin?
  3. I wouldn't recommend that. You'd have to run them at the Mushkin timings and voltage, but you still run the risk of incompatibilities. You should buy another identical Mushkin kit while they still are available.
  4. is this the same ram as what i have just not in a kit?
  5. Yes, but that's a single module. You need a kit (or 2 modules) to run in dual channel mode.
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