I am thinking of buying the Zotac ZT-95TEK2P-FSL 9500GT 1GB PCI-E DDR2 Graphics Card
from here


But the link above does not say if the card supports SLI or not every other site I look at says the Zotac ZT-95TEK2P-FSL 9500GT supports SLI so my question is this is there a Zotac ZT-95TEK2P-FSL 9500GT that does NOT sopport SLI.

2nd question I am also thinking of buying a AMD Athlon am2 x2 6000+
brand new and boxed will it come with a heat sink and fan?

thanks for any help.
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  1. dont buy a card that says "ddr2" on it. only get one if its given to for free.

    theres a ddr3 variation of that card, thats the one you should get.
  2. i would recommend the 9600gt, don't buy the 1GB version, the card really isn't powerful enough to be able to utilize that much memory, aka, you only need that much memory at high resolution (1920x1080 or higher) with FSAA
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