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Hello all, this is my 1st post here and hopefully you guys can help me with this frustrating problem.

When i connect try to connect to my router, everything connects fine but access is listed as local only on a vista laptop and all webpages fail to load. When connecting to the router with an XP pc connection say is limited and no web pages load, when connected to router with a mac laptop it connects fine but still no web pages load. So i have no problem connecting to the router wirelessly but once connected have no internet.

When i connect with a with an ethernet cable directly from the modem to any pc/laptop the internet works fine, so the modem seems fine. When i connect the modem to the router then connect to the router with a wire instead of wireless, still no internet. So would make sense that the old d-link router i have been using for years stopped working for no reason. ive have it for a while so fine, ill buy a new router. Bought a new router today (netgear wnr2000) and i am sadly still having the same problem. when i connect wireless access is local only and no internet. when i connect though the router with a wire still no internet. only way to get connected is by directly connecting to the modem. Calling my cable company was not helpful with them saying its some problem at my end, and calling help support at netgear was no help either.... any ideas?

this just started happening randomly one day for seemingly no reason, everything used to connect and get internet no problem but now for some reason i cant figure out i just get local access only ect.

i have googled local access only problem and have tired changing my settings on my vista laptop but nothing has worked so far. any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have the exact same problem and share your frustrations. The modem seems to work fine but my wireless though conected and strong will not access the net. If I find a solution I will post for you, otherwise I will monitor your thread for words of wisdom.
    Good luck.
  2. After weeks of frustration i finally solved it today. tbh im not 100% sure what exactly fixed it, but just over the course of 2 hours i just kept unplugging things and plugging things back in and suddenly i noticed the lights on the cable modem coming on in a different pattern than usual and now it works. i have no idea what the problem was but am glad its fixed now.
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