Why is my SSD saying its BD - Rom

Hey there, I just got a new 1.8" Samsung 64GB SSD and want to use it as my primary drive.
I've never worked with SSD's before and I had to order a microsata to sata2 converter.

I hooked it all up and attempted to install Win7 onto it, but when it came to selecting a drive to install too, I couldn't see any. I double checked the connections and everything is hooked up securely. I put it my other HDD and kept the SSD in there too see if I could see the SSD in my computer. I have come to the realization that my PC recognizes the drive to be a BD - ROM.

Is there any way to fix this or am I doing something wrong.

Sorry if this has been asked or is in the wrong place, I can't find anything anywhere that is of any help.

My PC is as follows
Gigabyte 790XT
XFX 5850
Dlink Wireless network card
2 x 2GB GieL 1333Mhz
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  1. Some help would be nice ):
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