DirectX 11 hardware comes in Q4 09

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  1. i think...
    i currenly use direcx need Q4..
    try ur self
  2. sadly dx11 games will come out q4 '10
  3. charmine said:
    i think...
    i currenly use direcx need Q4..
    try ur self


    First, even if that link is valid (and my version of FF seems to think that it is a very suspicious link), DX11 also has hardware requirements. Similarly, if you have Vista but only an Nvidia 7900, you won't ever be able to use DX10, despite having all the required software. Also, no games are coded in D3D 11 yet, so there's really no point in downloading a questionable thing from that link.
  4. @ charmine,

    Not being funny but nobody in their right mind would use such a link from a new poster. Your intentions may well be honerable but we get a lot of idiots trying to link us to complete crap that may or may not be virus's etc, so thanks but no thanks.
    I strongly recomend others to leave well alone as well.

    As cjl says its technically not even possable its just like the DX10 for XP crap we used to get. That was do able sort of but this unless im very missinformed isnt.

  5. Back on track,
    Oh ***** Where does that leave me :??: I was so looking forward to the new parts coming out in May 4750 or 4770 i think ? Replacement 4830 anyway.
    Now there will be DX11 cards in Q4 :cry:
    Wonder what they will perform like at DX10 ?? I like the look of W7 and am even coming around to Vista (slowly) as i had to get to grips with it for my wifes new lappy.
    Are there any DX11 Games in the works or will a DX10 card be ok for a couple of years ?

  6. What about Windows 7?
  7. Ok i will answer that both ways i am seeing it could be meant,

    Windows 7 will run DX11 either straight out of the box or like Vista as an update and i have heard good things and want to give it a go, The release candidate should be out soon.
    Or did you mean when, Thats said to be december ish

  8. Someone needs to get bold and give the devs from one of the bigger houses some sort of incentive to make a just DX10/11 game. Given what it would cost to create a game like that im looking firmly at Intel. They could easilly subsidise such a game and have it optimised to run on Larrabee. Of course that card dosent strictly need a DX of any sort but if thats what it takes to move things on then so be it.
    That would sure give Intel the driving seat assuming the game lived up to expectations. ATI and Nvidia would drop down the pecking order overnight.

  9. Nice didnt know that, not been to B3D for a while. Bookmarked it for later

    Thanks Mactronix
  10. bonse said:
    What about Windows 7?

    Its already been said that unlike XP didn't support DX10, Vista would support DX11 with SP2 and Windows 7 straight out of the box.

    I really don't see a lot of people rushing to buy DX11 cards by the end of the year. Most present day games still use DX9 - the best DX ever. Even if DX11 games are released by Q3-Q4 2010, they will have backward compatibility to DX10 like we saw in Crysis. It would be worth getting DX11 cards for games only by late 2010/ early 2011.
  11. What i dont fully understand is if any of the features on the DX11 cards will benefit performance of todays games or if they are all reliant on the games being coded to take advantage of the hardware ?
    For example would teh tessalator still work with code as is or does it need coding for ?

  12. Maybe there will be DX11 enhancements for current games through patches.
  13. Thats good to know,
    To be honest i couldnt see a reason why not. but im guessing that while it may help XP systems to get the full benefits you would want Vista SP2 or W7 ?

  14. Face it. XP is going down.
  15. Uh, you haven't? Well x86 means 32-bit. Sure, its generally used in reference to programs, so I'll change it as you're uncomfortable with it. :)

    And I totally agree with "ATI Forever" and the "bottlenecking evil" thing.

    Performance/Price wise ATI rules. Due to their driver issues, I still fing Nvidia more stable.
  16. I do have to say i think all the talk that comes with any discusion that concerns XP always comes around to the suposed fact that its holding up development of the newer tech/DX10,DX11 etc because devs wont code for anything other than the main part of the market.
    Well excuse me but while thats a fair and logical point from a sales/profit point of view its complete gibberish in real terms.
    If MS/AMD/ATI/Nvidia/Intel had something really new to bring to the masses then XP would be dropped like a stone.
    The brutal truth of the matter is that its the pure greed or the companies not being prepaired to put out newer games designed for newer hardware/DX versions that is holding things up. Playing the safe percentage game while times were good and raking in the reddies has bitten them in the arse and as a result we now face an extended time with lesser hardware because of the sitting on laurels aproach, this is the whole comunity not just MS or ATI/Nvidia they are all as guilty of artificial stagnation as each other.
    I have posted before that i beleive Intel are in the driving seat and as S/S linked to me before on a differant thread they now have a gaming house so expect to see games coded to run well on Larrabee and the traditional card makers(ATI/Nvidia) to be licking thier wounds.
    If you thought TWIMTBP was an unfair monopoly on the development side of things...wait untill Intel are finished with it.(personal opinion)
    My guestimation on it is early next year (Q2)after W7 has launched and DX11 has crashed and burned due to serious lack of support. Intel will deliver a killer game that just has to have Larrabee to run and that will be the end of the traditional GPU as we know it.

  17. ^+10000

    Intel till now decided the future of computing, now Graphics too!?!? Why can't they just stick to their stupid GMAs? I bet not a single person runs a computer without a graphics card. AMD's Dragon is likely to be more successful than Larabee. I'd never even think of getting it myself. Intel should just stick to making CPUs. They should even quit the mobo market. If only MS had introduced DX10 support with XP SP3, we would be seeing games with awesome graphics fully utilizing DX10. Actually I didn't find W7 all that much better than Vista. I ran the Beta for a few days enthusiastically, but then felt Vista was better and formatted W7.
  18. Were forgetting one huge aspect here. Thats consoles. Currently, weve pretty much run the gamit of their abilities and with tesselation coming in, thatll do it. I believe thats more a driving force currently than anything else, and no matter what Intel does wont change that. Were heading for a 1 arch/HW structure fits all anyways, as this unification supposedly will drive us forwards. Its LRBs foundation as well. Its what DX11 is all about. Once this happens, its anybodies and everybodies game, with TWIMTBP type programs becoming less and less influential IMHO, as well as Intels new game house venture
  19. Frankly, I'm surprised DX9 has made it this far. I mean, its been used for such a long time. All other version have barely been used for a year.
  20. I really dont know if i like what im reading JDJ.
    What your saying as far as i can see is that we may as well all jack it in and buy a console.
    In effect im reading it as your saying that PC gaming will get dumbed down to suit the consoles, kinda like we have been stuck where we are and now the consoles have caught up we will all get the same game,virtually same coding etc.
    That makes DX anything totally pointless IMHO. I was quite looking forward to W7 and DX11 sounded like it would actually make a worth while differance over DX9. Now it seems that we will all be using DX9 in the future anyway consoles are DX9 (at the minuite anyway). Also what do you mean Its LRBs foundation as well. Its what DX11 is all about. Care to expand on that ?

    @ SS
    Dont understand your post either?
    I havent noticed games converging into a single performance curve regardless of GPU. Benchmarks still show a huge bias towards certain hardware. So on that basis i dont see what you are saying adding up.

  21. Well yes i get what you are saying, I really dont know enough about how the differant games have the shaders loaded, i just play them, i couldnt even tell you whats TWIMTBP and what suits AMD/ATI better. Im very willing to accept your word on it. All im saying is that although that may well be the case, i do know for a fact that there are games out there, quite recent games as well that blatently favour ATI or Nvidia.
    Personally i would never buy my hardware based on what it does in a couple of games, unless there was a totally unmissable game and one company,s hardware just couldnt run it that is.
    Maybe as you imply this will come to the fore more as time goes on.

  22. L1qu1d said:

    My understanding was that direct x 10 hardware would run direct x 11 api, since it was focused on gpu programming, not a change in the graphical api.
  23. tell you one thing when DX11 cards come out ATI will walk a way with the performance crown, i just cant see nvidia winning on a even playing field
  24. Each arch by each respective company still favors certain things, such as texturing etc, as the design allows for certain strengths, as well as certain weakenesses, and is why certain games favor 1 over the other, and this wont change completely. Designing a new arch is a crap shoot, as each design is to last for several iterations, and as an example, tesselation, with it comes certain demands. As devs get into their games, they may favor certain aspects of using the tesselator, well, say youve developed your tesselator 1 gen back, but dont have a new arch. If youve "guessed" wrong in the needs of using the tesselator down the raod, and your arch hits a weak spot the devs are primarily using, such as the case with the 2900s shader resolve, you have to either make changes within your current arch, as ATI did, and beefed it up, or come in with a whole new arch, which isnt possible unless its ready.
    Remember, consoles do have tesselation, so that will be here. The lighting effects and tesselation are the prime suspects , plus the optimisations of say DX10.1, which allow for easier dev time and better usage of our compliant cards. XPs down the road, itll be 2 gens old soon, and DX9 will have run its course. nVidia has the potential to emulate certain aspects of DX10.1 currently in thier current cards, and with DX11, therell be more of a unification of this, so designed appropriately, DX11 cards should be very flexable due to the changes in DX11. Make sense? In other words, HW wont be as hamstrung by having to match exactly the current DX model, as long as the card is within that model from the beginning, thus a DX11 card , making it more flexable. Future iterations supposedly wont require newer HW, but Im not sure were there yet. As someone said, will there even be a DX12?

    PS I just woke up, so I hope this makes some sense heheh
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