Happy new year in IRAN

Hi all hope u are fine :)

Its actually about 2 and half year since i am posting in this forum and to be honest i really like here and i feel like in an internet home here :) i found may good friends here since this 2 years :) and i thank all who helped me here :)

Its the happy new year day in IRAN :) i wish the best for u guys and girls and i hope u will always be succesful in your life :)

New year starts in the first day of spring in Iran,which everything turns to green :)
We call this day "No-Rooz" (which means NEW DAY in english).
Its completely different from xmas, instead of a tree we have something called "Haft seen" (Which means 7 things which start with the word "S") which are

1_Somagh (English: Porphyry)
2_Seeb (English:Apple)
3_Serke (English:Vinegar)
4_Sabze (A little cute green plant)
5_Senjed (English: Oleaster)
6_Samanoo (I dont think there is an exact word for it,its something made from Wheat and Flour)
7_Seer (English:Garlic)

Also every year in Iran has an animal name,for example this year is called "Sale Gav" (Which means Cow's Year).

"Norooz" has been celebrated in Iran more than 3000 ago,so its an ancient ceremony.

Here is a picture of it too (As u see there are some cute cows too which as i said its because its the "Cow Year" in iran :) )

So i hope it will be a great year for you all :)
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  1. Well. Happy Iranian New Year to you too :)
  2. Happy New Year!
  3. I cant believe another year has passed already, Happy New Years Maziar
  4. عيد رأس السنة

    Apologies for using Arabic - The translation engine I have does not have Persian.
  5. Happy New year bud
  6. thanks all :) yeah it passes very fast jaydee :)
  7. Happy New Year! I always find it really cool how much you can learn and see from other cultures on these huge forums.
  8. Ty maziar...today is great day for our people in Iran...I like these day xD...we will go to holiday for 14 days :D
    Your Friend "Death"
  9. No problem mate :) happy new year to u too :)
  10. Well that explains it. I thought you had lost it when I got your PM :D

    Happy new year!
  11. Thanks but i lost what :D ?
  12. Maziar said:
    Thanks but i lost what :D ?

    Your mind :pt1cable:
  13. Happy new year from us here in England:)
  14. lol logan :d

    thanks coozie7 :)
  15. You have a very nice spread there on the table. Do I see some macaroons?

    I love those, could eat a whole box of them.
  16. Email me some food, I'm starving:D
  17. You are a swell fella Maziar. May the year of the cow treat you well.
  18. That's pretty cool - thanks for the cultural insider!

    And, of course, happy new year!

    Hopefully it's great for you...and all of us.
  19. to caamsa:
    No they arent macaroons :D but they look nearly the same :)

    to L1qu1d:
    lol :d

    thanx spinach eater and frozenlead :) i hope it will be a good year for everyone :)
  20. Happy new year.

    I also thought I was seeing things when i read the message title, but i guess it has been another year already.

    So, the party is at your place is it? Time to redeem those air miles :p

    Have a good one!
  22. Heck yes, I agree, party at Maziar's!
  23. thanks :)
    Hope to see u guys someday :)
  24. Happy new year Maziar,
    I seem to have picked this up a day late, wow a year already, looking forward to sharing another year with you on the forums.

    Mactronix :D
  25. thanks mate :) yeah i am looking forward to it too :D another with great guys in this forum :)
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