How to hook up laptop hard drive to different laptop

does i have hp of those 13inch screen spnnig laptops. the mother board has recently given way. however i have important files on the hard-drive of that laptop. is there away i can hook up the hard-disc onto another laptop that is not hp? e.g. sony vaio p series notbook...or packardbell easy note laptop?

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  1. No problem
    Just buy a USB enclosure. There are to kinds, SATA and PATA (the old IDE), so make sure you get the Correct one. Easy to tell if you know your connectors - or just type in the make/model number in to a google search and check.

    When you get the enclosure just slip your HDD into it then connect to any computer and copy your files off of it. Can stick them on a DVD-/+R or RW disk and transfer on to your new computer. If you already have a new laptop/computer just connect to it and copy straight to your new HDD.

    For Older IDE (PATA):
    For newer SATA HDD
    Not Sweat, does both

    Note: I would use a POWERED USB Hub to go between Your HDD and the computer you are connecting to - Reason, Most enclosures do not come with an AC adaptor and the Computer USB port may NOT provide enough power to the HDD enclosure.
  2. Don't have to buy an enclosure, an adapter comes in handy (everyone should have one around! :)

    here's a video:

  3. Ya, that would also work, approx 29 bucks - think I'll stick to a $15 simple usb enclocure.
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