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So, recently i just made a new computer with used parts. Well i guess its not the smartest idea using used parts but they look okay and brand new except for the heatsinkfan. It looks new on the outside but it's cooling just isnt working for me, the system temps + cpu temps are normal but i would like it lower. The core temps are constantly overheating. Here are how the temperatures go. On idle, my system temp is always around 45, the cpu temp is around 37(this temperature is okay), and the cores temps are around 55. On like 15%-20% of the cpu usage, the system temperatures go to around 77-87, and the core temps go all the way up to 100!!. I think i should get a new hsf because i dont want my computer to slowly break because of temperature issues. So help me pick a hsf thats best performance + budget. I dont mind sound or size of the fan, just whatever that gets the job done.Hopefully the new fan willl keep temperatures below 40 at idle ( goal).

Here are my specs:
Cpu: i7 930
Mobo: Asus p6T mobo
Graphics card: 5870 xfx
Case: Haf 922

Also here is the fan that i am using now: COOLER MASTER N520 CPU COOLER<< the one thats not working correctly.

Greatly Appreciated. If you need any additional information or anything that is wrong with my description you can reply constructively.
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  1. cooler master 212+
  2. Your temps are not good. You shoud not really even be running the PC in its state, I know I wouldn't.

    The problem is most likely not your cooler, that cooler is pretty good and is sufficient for your processor at stock speeds. It is unlikely that it is broken.

    The most likely problem is that you did not mount it correctly. Did you apply TIM (the paste stuff between the processor and the cooler)? If so then just reseat it (take it off and put it back on) remember to replace the TIM.

    If you did not then you stuffed up, TIM is required. You should buy some then take the cooler off and apply it then put the cooler back on.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Be sure you removed the plastic on the bottom of the cooler as well (forgot that on a cooler for my single slot 4850 - ironically it still cooled better than the stock cooler).
  4. yeah i knew i had suspicions of me mounting the cooler wrong, but i redid it 3 times already and bought brand new paste, the good brand. Arctic silver paste instead of using the stock thermal compound they gave me. I think its just the cooler. I know i mounted it correctly for sure. For now i try not to stress my pc. Thanks for your input guys.
  5. jimishtar said:
    cooler master 212+

    Uhh, does that work on my intell mobo + intell cpu?
  6. Yep, I'm running it on my i5 750 (see sig). It has a very flexible mounting system.
  7. Kay thanks, hope itll cool down my i7930 !!! if no more suggestions im going to start searching up on it on newegg or ebay or something. ima leave thread up for another day to see if any more suggestions! thanks ext64.
  8. Thats weird, maybe the heat pipes detached from the base or sprung some leaks.

    Yes as said that cooler will run on 1156. I would also recommend it but not for Neweggs price ($40 + $8 Postage), this is overpriced. Amazon has it for $30 with free postage which I think is the best way to go.

    Good luck.
  9. If you live near a Microcenter, check them as well. Last time I was there they had the 212+ really cheap. And I agree with the_punkinator , the 212+ is good but overpriced at $50.
  10. thanks everyone for your input i've decided to get what you guys suggested. Very helpful community <3.
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