Help finding a NAS drive [hot swappable]

Wow, it's been a while since I was here. Things have changed so much... :o

I'm looking for a NAS system that would ideally have
1. hot swappable drives
2. 4 drive bays
3. Set to Mirroring
4. Fast

I would have 6x 1TB or 2TB drives, Mirroring Drives 1and2 to 3and4, while 5and6 would be swapped with 3and4 as the fire safety back up.

Price is an object here, but I'm not looking for something cheep either. Something reliable is paramount, and easy to use would be nice too, as i need to convince them to buy it.

Questions, suggestion, ideas... are all welcome.

thanks in advance.
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  1. Ok, so I found one i think I like.

    but i found some other companies i don't recognize.

    Storango... i can't even find their own website, so I'll pass on them.

    If anyone can find something better... please post.

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