Funniest newegg review (with response from manufacturer)

Pros: I did not mind push pins. Tried 4 times to put cooler in without problems.
I thought maybe in was due to way it was sitting on top of CPU but that wasn't it.

Cons: I installed 2 other coolers before. This one was causing my CPU go to 66C in 2 minutes while running Prime95.
Computer was q6600 overclocked to 3.2GHz (8x clock multiplier).
I guess I got defective one and I returned it.
I replaced it with Zalman 9700 worked like a charm and on the first try - temperature now maximum at 53C after hours of testing.

Manufacturer Response:

Hello, we are sorry that you had installation problems. Most customers have no trouble at all, and see great performance. We regret that you could not make yours work properly.
Thank you
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  1. hhh at least there is a response :))
  2. lol!
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    Does this count? CM 212+

    Pros: Dropped my Intel i7 920 2.66ghz a total of 20C!!!
    Was using stock cooler. I put this baby on with Arctic 5 thermal paste and bam, went from 49C to 29C idle on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit desktop.

    Cons: The copper tips that poke out of the top were just barely blocking me from putting on my side panel. I grinded 3 out of 8 off and it completely ruined the heatsink engineering. The pipes are insulated. I talked to the tech service at CoolerMaster and they said DO NOT cut the tips off. I welded them back shut but this did not help. If you cannot fit this in your case, then there is no way to fix it, get another cooler. This caused me to now get 90C on my CPU! I turned on the computer for two minutes to hurried up and purchase a gemini cooler from Newegg while I wait. I am now typing this review on my laptop lols.

    Other Thoughts: This is absolutely the best cooler on the market for the i7. This will give the same results as liquid cooling. If you have the room and the time to take your motherboard out of the case to put on the brace, then this is the ultimate cooling solution. It is completely silent in my case compared to my five case fans, PSU fan and GPU fan.
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