USB Device Not Recognize

Hi All,

This is my hardware specs

Motherboard = GigabyteGA-EP35-DS3R
CPU = Intel Core 2 Duo 4xxx
Memory = 2GB
1 IDE harddrive = 40GB (where i only store my OS)
1 SATA DVD writer
4 SATA harddrive
1 WinFast nVidia 7900GS VGA card
1 500W modular power supply

I used to be running WinXP SP3 (32-bit) without any problem. But recently it has this message pop up that says

"USB device not recognized", and press this message to solve the problem, blah blah.

This is what i observed
1. Device Manager has a "Unknown Device" which i cannot determine what device
2. I have unplug all my USB device (HP psc 1210 printer, Microsoft mouse+keyboard, Linksys Wireless adapter), but still the problem exist
3. I have tried to restore back an old copy of my OS using ACRONIS image, but this message still appear
4. I have tried updating Motherboard Chipset firmware, ICH9 SATA RAID driver, printer drivers, Linksys device driver, but this message still keep popping up.

what should i do next?

could it be some motherboard failure that causes one of the USB port to malfunction?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Go to control panel,Device manager,and check if there is a "Question mark icon" near a device,if there is a question mark,then what is that device ?
  2. What exactly is that thing that you plugged into the USB port? flash drive?
  3. Hi there,

    thanks for the warm welcome :)

    To Maziar,
    There isn't any Yellow Question mark icon in Device Manager

    To Masterjaw,
    I only have 3 USB device.
    1) HP PSC 1210 printer
    2) Microsoft Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
    3) Linksys Wireless adapter

    thanks for all your prompt reply.
  4. Gigabyte motherboards are fussy about USB devices - I think your board has gotten 'stuck' while discovering one. Unplug USBs except keyboard/mouse (if this were the problem, I would have heard about it); do a CMOS reset; then, enter BIOS and execute the "Load Optimized Defaults" function; once the 'unknown device' is cleared, plug in devices, one at a time to discover which one is not being 'found' correctly...
  5. Thanks to all ...

    I guess there are really some device got "stuck". What i did is to Uninstall that particular device, restart my PC, and my months-long problem is solved !!!
  6. my usb device not recognized,,
    i have do im many way,,
    but it still not ok,,,
    what can i do????
    please help me,,,
    :cry: :cry:
  7. What, exactly, is the device?
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