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Hey guys, I have a MSI 790gx-65 and athlon x4 630. I'm also using a a corsair dominator 2x2gb ram that is designed for intel chipset. I have a overclocked system, the problem is that i tested with intelburn 10 runs with max memory. It will pass the test; i thought everything is fine. However, I will turn my system off and sometime turn it back on to test it again, it didn't pass the test. The weird part is that sometime my system is stable after completely cold boot and sometime it doesn't. Memtes86 show errors during certain cold boots, but not all of the cold boot.
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  1. Put everything to stock. Run the stability programs. Make sure everything works at stock speeds. If everything is fine, you need to lower the overclock, loosen timings, or increase voltage.
  2. Memtest one stick at a time at mobo default settings.
  3. I tried it with stock setting; it will have errors. The weird part part is that after a cold boot, it will not have any errors. I though that my overclocked settings cause the problem but it only happen occasionally after cold boot. Sometime i can passed 10 runs of max memory with intel burn while i can't even pass 3 runs of it after certain cold boots; so weird.
  4. After a couple of years here, we've seen Prime95 detect memory issues when others say "OK". Run it, and make sure "Detect rounding errors" is checked. Maybe the error will become consistent/obvious for you.

    1haplo gave good advice - it is a real issue, even if it doesn't occur consistently.
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