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A relative brought me her PC to fix it. When you start it (XP Home Edition) the malware infecting it start up too (one of those annoying fake antivirus), I stop it, and if I try to execute any program that might help against it, it blocks them and displays a message that it was blocked because it's infected. For instance, if I type msconfig to access Start Up in order to avoid the malware starting when I reboot the system, it blocks the execution.
I tried to start the system in safe mode, and then run antispyware/antimalware + antivirus as deemed necessary, but it just dosen't start in safe mode. I thought that reinstalling the OS would solve the problem at once, but I found out that the DVD-CD ROM doesn't read! Checked Device Manager and appears to be working normal, but it doesn't read or detect discs in it.
Please, anyone, HELP!
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  2. Thanks AntiZig, I will try the fix for the register first, since I already have the antimalware. It wouldn't let run it.
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