Can i7 930 O.C to 3.5 GHz with 1333Hz RAM??

hello friends! i have a question here, can i7 930 O.C to 3.5 GHz with 1333Hz RAM?? can or not??...if can, how??..pretty please....
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  1. Sure it can.......How?..... by overclocking it, lots of guides out there and would be a very good idea to read a few first just so you have an idea of what your changing in the BIOS and what programs you need for monitoring and testing.
  2. oh really bro??..where can i find it bro??.. i need all help i can get...thanks....^_^
  3. Yes, you most certainly can overclock a 930 to 3.5 GHz.

    I myself have a 920 that I've overclocked to that same speed.

    The source I used to help me overclock was x-bit labs excellent article on overclocking the 920. Read it all the way through, do everything it says, and you should be able to get to 3.5 GHz with no problems.
  4. ok friends, thanks a lot, by the way, is the configuration, same with the asus p6t??...i'm using an asus p6t..
  5. Both I and the author of the article I provided are using an Asus P6T.
  6. oh, i see, but in the article was asus p6t deluxe, same? Ok bro, thanks a lot.
  7. Yeah, the only differences between the P6T and the P6T Deluxe are hardware differences. The BIOS is exactly the same.
  8. oOo i see, now i understand...thanks friends for helping me...^_~
  9. 166 base clock x21 = 3.486ghz CPU (turbo can be on if you do it right for up to 24 multiplier)
    166 x 8 = 1333mhz RAM.

    Just tweak the voltages to be as low as you can and you're good to go.

    But you should check out some guides to have an idea what you're doing.

    Also I hope you have aftermarket cooling!
  10. I (and the article I provided) suggest that you just go with a BCLK of 175, turn off turbo (to prevent any unintended increases) and have a slight overclock on the RAM to around 1400, and keep the voltage on 1.50. The article really has everything you need, just follow it exactly.
  11. ^ That works too. It's the fun of OCing to mix and match values to what you're happy with. I actually am currently running 177 base clock, so RAM at 1416 is a pretty decent RAM OC. At 178 base clock the RAM needs extra voltage. I managed to do it with turbo enabled too but then, on an i7 with hyperthreading you'll be getting pretty hot.
  12. oh i see, is it ok the RAM exceed the 1333Mhz ?
  13. i see, thanks my friends, i have a corsair H50 cooling, ok rite??...i'm overclocking at 3.7 GHz right now, n what good is, it doing just fine!, thanks god, at idle the temp was 40-45 degrre, ok right??
  14. Idle doesn't mean much. Look at your load temps.

    Yes you can go to higher speed with the RAM. If you leave the voltage at whatever it's rated for, then just try to push it without having to increase the latency or voltage. Generally you can get around 1400mhz with 1333 RAM, and maybe by increasing the latency by 1 you can get 1600mhz. As an example, 1400mhz CL7 is around the same overall speed as 1600mhz CL8. But 1333mhz CL7 is slower than both.

    I hope that's not too confusing. Just keep in mind that RAM speed actually plays a pretty insignificant role in overall performance.
  15. ok2 thanks a lot, its a bit confusing, but its quite understandable, besides, can u show me another example of speed that i can do with the BCLK n whatsoever, pleasee...
  16. Uh... well your RAM multipliers are 6, 8, and 10 so there's not that many options.

    General RAM speeds to aim for would be 1400, 1600, or 1800 and for each of these the latency has to go up by 1 (you never stated what your RAM timings are, so let's assume 1333 CL7) it would be 1600 CL8 and 1800 CL9, but I don't know if you can achieve 1800 with your RAM...
  17. oh i see...i'm using corsair 1333MHz gaming CPUID shows that at CL9....
  18. Get the manufacturer specs. It's probably rated for CL8 but by default JEDEC specs it'll be CL9
  19. oh right!, erm btw, is it ok for a system to OC all the time, what i mean was,. everytime i use the computer, i'll OC it ok??..or bad??..
  20. It's fine if you're not pushing the thermal and electrical limits. By this I mean, Intel has documentation for their CPUs (so does AMD I'm sure) and they spec max temp and max voltages. Stay under those and generally it should be ok.
  21. ok bro, thansk a lot,,,i owe u one....^_^
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