Video Card Overheating should i get Water or Air cooler?

Hi well I just bought a custom gaming machine from a friend of mine and everything is working great! Currently it has a Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling System installed and I love it.

Now heres the problem, I have a evga 8800gt 512mb that is working great for every game except Crysis. Now im trying to push Crysis to its max, 1600x1200 resolution with everything on high. Now the game plays flawlessly at 35 frames for second but after around 15 min of gameplay the card crashs and the image shows a bunch of purple colors. My card is getting way to hot, even with rivatuner put on to 100% fan, the thing goes up to 75* celcius.

Obviously I need a better cooler, space is not an issue, but should I get some sort of good zaleman like model that looks like a huge fan on my card, or should I get this water cooling block? Also noise is an issue the less the better,

Thermaltake Aqua Brazing W2 VGA Waterblock

Any help or links would be greatly appreciated, here is a link to the water cooler and waterblock I wanted for it.
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  1. As far as i know it should not crash at "just" 75degrees celsius, they can handle more heating than that, maybe your cpu was overheating instead? whats your cpu?
  2. Turn your settings down you can't run Crysis on high settings with that card
  3. ya dude, obviously you need a better card, my 9800gtx+ would run the settings at at high and i was averaging 33fps, and i even got the colored pixels after couple hours of play...
  4. Nah i check my cpu and its doesnt change from 40 to 42, but my video card def overheats. I would like to avoid buying a different card and Crysis plays fine and runs great at my high settings, so cant i just get a very good water cooler that should due the trick? Ive even put the game at max with with 1600 resolution and still plays, so i think my video card can handle it right?
  5. Or you can try a CHEAP slot fan you can install right next to your videocard.
    Works for me. I never have to turn my fan speed up past 60% whilst gaming. I have a 4850, I know, not the greatest, but the extra exhaust helps.
  6. I had an 8800gt that idled at 75C :p It rarely went above 90C while gaming though.

    Nvidia GT's are designed to run hot. When my fan failed games still ran up to 130C before the safety feature kicked in and slowed the gpu down. This happened with my last two nvidia cards, the 6600gt and 8800gt.
  7. Crysis is heavily GPU bound, hince the low rise in CPU temp. However that is an entry level, cheap water cooling system. It more than likely cant handle adding another block in the line. Also, the GPU block you linked is trash, you need a full coverage block or some memory heatsinks for the RAM.
  8. i havent bought the block yet for the gpu can you recommend me a good one?
  9. fielddog, you would just be better off buying a faster card instead of buying water cooling.
  10. Agree with Jenny. No amount of cooling is going to help an 8800GT max crysis, its impossible.
  11. Understood but what is a better cooler, cause im not upgrading anytime soon and i like how crysis plays but after 30 min the stock cooler on my card isnt doin it. I would rather pay $40 for a cooler and let me play crysis the way I have it currently for a lot longer time then pay to get a newer card. SO which is better air cooler with a fan or water block like the one I listed?

    Pick the one for your card and you'll never have heat issues again. Buy a fan for it too, those are dirt cheap. You don't need water cooling.
  13. tambalolo ka bugok. palit ug bag-o na card oi amaw.
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