GTX 260 Core 216 SC with Corsair 650TX PSU

Will the GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked work Stable at full potential with Corsair 650TX power supply?
Why or why Not? I really need to know before buying this Video Card. :bounce:
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  1. That psu is probably certified to run 2 of those cards. sweat. Thats a great psu.
  2. The 260 requires 2 pci-ex 6 pin, the 650tx has 2 - 6+2 connectors and plenty of power.
  3. I am currently running a gtx 285 with a corsair 550, no problem.
  4. Easy. You could run SLI on that PSU without it breaking a sweat. It has a single, 52 amp (!!) 12V rail.
  5. caniba said:
    I am currently running a gtx 285 with a corsair 550, no problem.

    Yup, I got a GTX260 on the same PSU. Not even an issue.
  6. Thanks for the glowing recommendations. We appreciate it and thank you all for choosing Corsair!
  7. I have not been happier with my VX550 , It has performed Better then any PS i've ever owned , I Just bought the gtx 260 factory overclocked to 655 mhz and has the dual fan design and now i've seen others sucess with the 260 i have no worries pluggin in a beast in this Master of a unit
  8. I've got a very similar setup = 650W TX Corsair PSU, but with the GTX 295.
    There's also an AMD Phenom X4 955 overclocked to 3.8GHz.

    I've been told, by a few people, that the GTX 295 needs 49A.
    The Corsair *can* do 52A, but only when it's not pushing any other power down any other rail.
    When the other rails are in use, then it leaves on 480W on the 12V rail, meaning ~40A.

    Have they been lying to me, or does it need more power?
    Especially since all the GTX 295 specs say 'at least 680W'.

    I'd love to get to the bottom of this one, so thank you in advance
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