Suitable motherboard and processor for 1tb hard disk

will 1tb harddisk will work on my pc, my configuration is as follows:
intel d946gzis motherboard,1 gb ram,intel core 2 duo procesor 1.8 ghz(2cpus)
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  1. Yes! Of course it will. HDD size does not have any limitations depending upon your other specs.
  2. Not quite true, if the motherboard is old enough (2002 or earlier) it will run into the 137GB hard drive limit because it lacks 48-bit LBA addressing. Also, the OS must support it (WinXP SP1 and above if I remember right.)

    Just want to make that clear in case someone browsing the forums runs across this thread.

    Your D946GXIS supports 48-bit LBA so you should be able to use a 1TB hard drive (assuming your OS supports it).
  3. ^^That's a limitation on the part of Windows (software) not on the hardware. The only thing i can think of is a person running out of HDD slots.

    Plus looking at his config, i don't think the PC is older than 2002. :)
  4. ^Correct. The 137 gig limit is Windows. Windows XP SP1 and later will support drives over 137gig. Before XP SP1 (That is Service Pack 1 by the way) you could not use a drive more than 137 gig.
    But 48bit LBA addressing is also a problem for the motherboard. But that goes back to even before 2002, I am not sure of the exact date, but I believe this something left back in the late 90's. Surely you have a more modern board than that!
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