How do you install back an operating system on a hard disk that has been sanitiz

i just sanitized my hard disk from the hard disk options of F10 when starting up a laptop.the problem now is that i cannot reinstall windows back because i keep on recieving the message tha reads, ;non-system disk or disk error, check disk and press any key to continue'.i`ve done that but the message is still there and i cant even boot from a cd-rom!wat to do?????
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  1. Check your other F-key options at startup, you may have a hidden partition that allows you to re-install the OS to its factory defaults; you could then re-install the software you added since you got it. Many laptop mfrs did that so they would have to provide the backup CD to the purchasers.
  2. thanx but it only offers me the F10 and F12 key however it does not enter into the F12 setup! i took out the hard disk and tried reading it from another computer but it does not read!
  3. You say you cannot boot from a CD_ROM, so I presume you have placed that disk (maybe a Windows Install disk?) in that drive before powering on. The error message you see is generated after the BIOS tries to boot from the HDD that is not bootable. So, it appears somehow that your BIOS is NOT set to boot from the optical drive. You need to find the way to enter BIOS Setup - there is usually a particular key you must hold down while you turn on, until the Setup menu appears. Then you can go to Boot Priority Sequence and set it to try the optical drive first, then the HDD.

    One small thing to check. Any chance the optical drive is just dirty inside, and so it cannot read the CD_ROM? You can get an optical drive cleaner disk and try cleaning it first.
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