How to boot a laptop from BIOS without a harddrive option

Hey, Im new to this site and i was wondering if anhbody would help me..

My partners laptop has been broken for about2 years or so, we tried to get it fixed but they wanted too much for it and they told us that the harddrive was full of viruses so there was no point transfuring it to a different laptop..

When i turn the laptop on it says that it needs a boot device which means its trying to boot from somewhere which isnt the hard drive.. I've been through the BIOS into the BOOT option yet there is no option for me to be able to run it from the hard drive.. the only options i have are CD/DVD or NETWORD:Intel UNDI but neither of them are working either.. please help :(

Regards, Jayde (oh, it also run's on XP)
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  1. Either the hard drive is no longer installed, it was not reinstalled properly, or it has failed.
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