Poor temps with new heatsink

I just bought this heatsink:
Noctua NH-C12P SE14 140mm SSO CPU Cooler

Right now I am folding with the processor, at defualt clocks, and my temps are at 70-73 for the cores in hw monitor. I am really disappointed with this. Leaves me no room to over clock at all.

I don't know if I am applying thermal paste correctly. First time I tried an even spread, second time I used the dot method. Temps are the same for both.

Should I get a different cooler? In another thread someone recommended these:

4 coolers
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  1. Need to know which cpu, mob, and case you are using. to help.

    Generally speaking, downdraft coolers cool cpu cores far worse than uprightcoolers
  2. case

    Core i7 920


    I have just under 6 inches from the cpu to side of case. I originally had a dark knight, but it was too tall.
  3. What about the CM hyper 212+, that'd probably beat all those coolers by a good bit. And it might fit. It's not a very big HS.
  4. I can see how you wound up at this point. I normally don't like to suggest self-contained water cooled units, but can you stuff a Corsair H70 or another self-contained liquid cooler into that case? The heatsink won't be an issue, and maybe the radiator can fit somewhere.

    The reason I don't like these is because the mobo can sense when the fan doesn't work, but not when the pump fails. You're left with a tough to diagnose problem of a heat-shutdown when that happens. But if you keep that in mind, and suspect pump failure FIRST if a shutdown occurs, you can mange it.

    Other than that you may be stuck with a 92mm cooler, less than optimal.
  5. Here's my other thread:

    I would really rather stick with air after that.

    What is the best air cooler that will fit? I don't mind spending money, I just want the best temps that I can fit in my case.
  6. Twoboxer said:

    The reason I don't like these is because the mobo can sense when the fan doesn't work, but not when the pump fails.

    The motherboard recognizes a signal, that signal comes from the RPM sense cable, doesn't matter if it's on a fan or a pump, if the signal is lost, the motherboard will know.
  7. That's not my experience. Fan running, pump not, mobo starts up the cpu. Lost a cpu that way.

    If a cooler states that its pump failure triggers the same warning as a fan failure, then my objection is moot.
  8. No true. I had my corsair h50 getting power from the cpu fan lead and it showed rpm even when dead and leaking water. I don't know if the pump was still drawing current or what, but my temps were in the high 90's.
  9. thats supposed to be a great air cooler. all the reviews say its one of the best air flow with low noise.

    guessin the case is to cramped for proper air flow. might try like mentioned the all sealed LC from corsair.

    just to ask what thermal grease do u use?
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