Cooler for EVGA P55 SLI?


My Board:


My Case (Storm Sniper):

My Ram seems to have a relatively high profile and there does not appear to be too much space between my CPU and one the DIMMs- my board recommends seating RAM in 1 and 3, I am unsure if moving the RAM to 3 & 4 would maintain stability/work and give more room for a cooler

Any thoughts/experience with these components as to whether I can fit one of the following:
CM Hyper 212 + or Scythe Mugen 2 Rev B?

Any help would be much appreciated- I am worried that I would buy a cooler that would not fit.
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    In your case i would recommend going with the 212+ it intrudes less on the dimms on the 1156 platform .,2535-2.html
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