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I'm having an issue with my 17 inch monitor. I think I may need a custom driver for it. What I'm trying to do is rotate the image 90 degrees, so that the monitor sits on its side. the Native resolution is 1280x1024, but I want to use 1024x768.

Now heres where the custom driver comes in. I want it to remain in 1024x768 resolution while its rotated 90 degrees. Windows seems to have this issue where, if you rotate the monitor, It wants to maintain the aspect ratio of the monitor and changes all of the resolutions accordingly. So instead of being able to choose 1024x768, I can only choose 768x1024. I want it to maintain the 4:3 aspect ratio even when rotated. not change to a 3:4 aspect ratio.

I know this is possible, because my MacBook running OSX has the option for 1024x768 OR 768x1024 while the monitor is rotated 90 degrees. Yes I realize this will only use half of the screen, but thats exactly what I want it to do.

PLEASE let me know if theres anyone out there who can write a driver for me!

Also, for the record, I'm using a Gateway FPD1750 LCD and a GMA950 display chipset, Though I will be using this display with other computers as well and would like the rotation fix to work with all of them. Also, I'm running Windows 7.
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  1. You can always try this:

    but seriously, why do you need this? why not just use the mac book to run whatever your trying to run? (i'm assuming the mac book works with said monitor too)
  2. Well theres a few reasons I want this. one is that the screen is cracked on the top and bottom. and running the screen sideways is the best way to get as much FOV as possible without the leaks covering the taskbar and close window buttons etc. second, is that I'm trying to make the LCD into a projector, which i need a fresnel lens to do. so im trying to make the 17" screen be only 8"x11" which is perfect in 1024x768. the reason why i need this on windows is because i'm trying to run a wiimote whiteboard using the projector, and the wiimote whiteboard app runs on windows only, not mac :(

    Also, that thread is all well and good, but my monitor is VGA, not DVI. and im connecting it to a VGA-out on a GMA950,
  3. Thanks for the explanation.

    A couple of posts down on the thread I linked to had instructions for vga (pins 0, 1) but the link to further of further explanation for VGA doesn't work for me. It may be worth looking into as I think it is hard to find anyone willing to hack drivers.

    best of luck
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