What is the Max Overclock For my 2 x (465GTX EVGA 1GB) In SLI?

HI I just recently bought 2 - Evga 465GTX's 1GB and Put them in Sli, what would be my Max or the best Overclock I can Receive on these cards, im running a intel core i5 750 Quad Core @ 3.2ghz with 1600mhz DDR3 Dual Channel Ram, and A Coolermaster GX Series 750Watt Silver Edition 62amp Single 12V Rail. I've Looked around for the past week on what graphics cards to get and Im Settled with the 465 Gtx's, now I have EVGA Precision Tools and Nvidia System tools, Im Curious to what the Max MHZ for Each Setting I can take my cards to so that way I can get the Most Performance Out of Them In a SLI Configuration, Thanks EVeryone!
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  1. Who knows, each card is different, and there's a million variables that can alter your results. Just keep upping the frequency until it becomes unstable (aka artifacts appear), and then bump it down to the last working configuration.
  2. hello i have a question. i am going to be building a new setup and now im just going nuts over this. i am going with a i7 but not sure which to go with i could drop 1000 but if not needed dont want to. i want to go all evga if pos. but like i said i would like some ideas please i have 2 465gtx now and am getting 1 more to do 3 way sli. and tripple channel ram ddr3 gskill but loike i said im open to ideas im looking to drop 2000 and no more the only way i am able to do this because i won a bet with the wife and it was funny as hell to. please any ideas would be just great thank you
  3. go with a i7 975 extreme..its pricy but real cool..make sure you get a god fan tho
  4. neesus said:
    go with a i7 975 extreme..its pricy but real cool..make sure you get a god fan tho

    i was thinking the same but my friend said i would never tell the differnce nore would i used it all but i wanted it anyway lol. any others ideas please feel free
  5. if you use it for mostly gaming then he's probably correct..i do 3d animation so i need the bandwidth and speed for heavy rendering...i use 2 machines and it really speeds things up....for the price a i970 is probably your best bang for the buck.
  6. ...oooh BTW use the diff in price on the cpu to get a great video card...i'm thinking the gigabyte gtx580..i'm gettin' me one asap...find a thread on line about it..they seem to indicate the gigabyte as being tops..
  7. thank you guys so the one that is a 6 core for 879.00 or the one for 1000.00 sorry to be a pain lol just want to be happy when it is all over. and on the video card i have 3 465 i want to run in sli what do you think?
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