"Integrated Raid" / Bios / Mobile Rack issue

I bought a used Supermicro 4U with a Tyan Thunder i7520 (2x 64bit Nocona cpu) that has "integrated" SATA Raid control via Adaptec Hostraid chip; 8g Ram; and two Supermicro 4 in 3 mobile racks(M34t). I'm installing 6x Hitachi 500gb Ultrastar hdds (pre-tested) and Ubuntu server ... 3 HDDS per rack, one channel per rack, one rack per SATA port, simple Raid1 or Raid1+0 server.

Problem is that the system says "2 JBODs detected" while booting, but Bios only recognizes one 500gb HDD per channel (i.e. one per rack). Ubuntu recognizes the two HDDs Bios recognizes, but no more. I tried going into Adaptec Raid control and it only recognized the two HDDs as well.

Do I need to use a port-multiplier or Raid Controller Card even though I have onboard raid and the two racks with backplanes?

The system board manual references an "optional" Taro 8110M port-multiplier card, but it's been discontinued and there aren't even any listings for it on EBay. If I DO need a port-multiplier or Raid Control card, are there any cheap substitutes for the Taro 8110M?

Any help will be appreciated. I'm under a time crunch, so in the interim, I'm going to try and cycle the six HDDs through and re-format them all to make sure that's not part of the problem. Unless I can get it figured out, I'll probably use two for a temporary set up and try and find the optional SATA card.
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  1. Sorry to all, by the way, about the re-post, but the system said my first post didn't go through. SJEKOKEN
  2. I have close to the same thing, but I have four drives on the on board RAID controller (using the SATA backplane), and set it to RAID 5. I'm thinking that you're going to need a port-multiplier card and forget about the on board RAID controller if you want to use the mobile racks.
  3. Thanks Scooter69, I appreciate the advice. I went out and picked up the multiplier last night, so wish me luck!
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