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Hi guys!

So, I recently bought a hard drive enclosure from Amazon to use a 1TB drive as an external hard drive for backup. My problem is that I have a PC desktop and a Mac laptop, so the file formatting is a bit tricky with my limited knowledge. On my Windows 7 desktop, I have the usual space hogs- music, movies, games, etc. On my laptop, I have mostly documents and pictures to back up, but I have a view large files that I'd like to back up as well. So, should I...

1) Format the drive in NTFS and use something like NTFS-3G on my Mac?

2) Format the drive in HFS+ and use MacDrive on the desktop?

3) Use a combination of partitions? If so, which formats?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. format in NTFS and use MacFuse (or something similar) to read/write to the drive on your mac
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