Urgent !!! hard disk space is gone ?

hello. i am having trouble with my hard disk space and i was wondering is it possible for a 1 gigabyte loss in about 20 seconds because that is what is happening in my case. i was checking my hard disk and every time i open it some of my space is gone and i just got a message saying that there isnt any left :ouch: idk what has happend but i think someone is downloading stuff on to my comp. please any help will be appreciated :D
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  1. 1) Run windows disk cleanup.
    2) If you do not have antivirus security, get one ASAP. Microsoft security essentials is free and takes little resources.
  2. i already have mse lol and there isnt anything to cleanup on my disk
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    .. make sure you have virus protection .. (you can download free .. look for avg free)
    .. make sure you firewall is up (download free one .. look for zone alarm)
    .. clean up some space .. you can download free .. look for CCleaner
    .. anything else .. :)
  4. LOL :lol: right before you posted the last reply i downloaded ccleaner and i has 49000 mbs to be deleted rofl omg the irony
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